Servicios limpieza y mantenimiento aparcamientos

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Garages and parking in neighboring communities and owners, shopping centers, like those of other types, such as those in public or private, are a service that should be managed by professionals to ensure the maintenance of such facilities as indicated by the applicable regulations, both state level (CTE), and local levels (Bylaws). Below we highlight some of the priorities.

  • Maintenance of lighting systems. For the configuration of the car parks, which are places with low light, and in most cases, localized low grade dimension, proper lighting can be vital to your safety. Similarly, is there to ensure that anti-panic lighting is activated before an outage and get rid of uncomfortable situations.
  • Security and property owners. Garages and parking lots, especially when they belong to residential or condominium, are areas of low traffic, low luminosity and may not monitored by people or automated means such as video cameras supplied with unit. Therefore, as a maintenance company, expert in multi and maintenance of parking, we offer our means to ensure their safety and that of their assets and fixed assets.
  • Signage: The marking of evacuation routes, are essential to an emergency situation that may occur in a garage or parking lot. You might think that the fact that regular users of a garage, as in a community of owners, we safeguard against an emergency situation, but it is wrong. Before a fire emergency situation, the marking of evacuation routes, the repetition of the location of fire extinguishers, fire hydrants equipped (BIE’s) of the emergency manual call, correct communication of the communication unit against -Fire and emergency sirens are the means at our disposal to protect us. Therefore, from our company guarantee and we ensure proper operation thereof.
  • Accessible routes. You can save a lot of money, depending on the form and manner in which signaled the different parking areas, pedestrian areas, the demarcation of parking and disabled locations. Ask us.
  • Smoke extraction in parking lots and garages. Because it is poorly ventilated areas, where the concetración carbon monoxide, can be high, risking the lives of users, it is necessary that a maintainer companies as BOMA, assumes responsibility for the proper functioning of these and of all its components.
  • Fire Systems. Depending on the surface, sectors of fire, and other technical considerations of your garage or car, you will see in them the different means of alarm and extinguishing fires that have provided such facilities. Our facilities maintenance company ensure the good condition of the same, so that in case of an emergency perform the work for which they were designed, that is, save your life, protect facilities and adjoining premises.
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