BomaBoma, Actividades Empresariales, S.L.

Boma, Actividades Empresariales, S.L., focuses its activities on the comprehensive maintenance of homeowners communities, urban preservation entities and private firms. The company, with a cutting-edge quality control system, ensures the efficacy of its works by providing the employees with the most advanced and modern means, which helps to maximize the output and quality of the projects.

Our wide experience in the sector has made us deserve the confidence of outstanding clients, who are extremely demanding in relation to service, and has helped us to obtain the absolute satisfaction of all our customers.

This vast background allows us to lead the way in the service-providing sector, actively contributing to the client’s wellbeing and being able to support their sustainable progression by means of all our areas of activity.

We will play the leading role in the transition towards environmental respect, which is the main principle of all our activities, introducing organic products that notably minimise the impact that may be caused to the environment and by adequately training our employees on the rational use of all our resources.

Our main aim is to fulfil the clients’ requirements in order to obtain their maximum satisfaction , as well as to understand their needs and expectations. In addition, we try to make them feel that we are not only service providers but also participants in a common project, carrying out our tasks with absolute professionalism, reliability, honesty and total transparency.

These lines are a mere summary of the bases and philosophy of the identity of our Service Area, as well as of the quality and experience that we provide.
We hope these words are of your interest.

General Management
Borja Castillejo Fuentes

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José Maldonado Warden

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